Peru: Piura’s Algarrobina to be Exported to Germany

(LIP-ir) — The Chutuque community, located in Piura, will not only supply Lima’s biggest supermarkets with algarrobina, a nutritious syrup made from algarroba, but will also export the product to Germany.

This business opportunity presented itself to the people of the community after the Chutuque Association took part in the 2nd Expo Fair organized by the Ministry of Women and Social Development, (MIMDES) in Lima.

In this fair, the Chutuque Association met with important local companies like Metro, Wong, Santa Natura and Romina Ojeda, promoter of Peruvian ecological products in Germany.

To take part in the Fair and make algarrobina attract the interest and support of these companies, the association launched the “Algarrobina, Promotion and Marketing” project.

This project was financed by the Solidarity Company, a program sponsored by the National Compensation and Social Development Fund (FONCODES) and Swisscontact.

As a part of the program, 50 producers, which make up the Chutuque association, were trained in organization and management, good manufacturing, appropriate hygiene practices, costs and profitability, marketing and market benefits.

The famous carob trees grow and die on Piura’s deserted, steppe-like grasslands. Their beans are used to make a frothy mocha-type drink reputed to be an extraordinary tonic called algarrobina.

News source: ANDINA