Peru’s Avocados to Enter the US Market in 2008

(LIP-ir) — The US Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) reported to Peru’s National Agrarian Health Service (SENASA) that Peruvian avocados would enter the US market in the last quarter of 2008, announced the head of SENASA, Oscar Domínguez.

In his statements to Andina news agency, Domínguez said that the conclusion of this process, which has taken more than six years of paperwork, is really important for Peruvian agriculture.

"Although there are some pending requirements to be presented during the first quarter of 2008, the date was brought forward to January 15 of next year," said Domínguez.

Some of the documents needed to be presented to the US APHIS are reports on the areas where avocados are cultivated as well as the report on certain plagues that attack avocado trees; both reports are almost finished.

"Specialists have been preparing these reports for weeks, and they will have them finished as soon as possible," assured the head of SENASA.

Domínguez also explained that the next steps were public consultation in the United States, the issuing of the phytosanitary requirements to Peru and the corresponding elimination of phytosanitary barriers for Peruvian avocados.

When APHIS visited Peru last August, the US authority announced that this process was a national priority for the US, stating that it was of utmost importance on their agenda.

News source: ANDINA