15 Million Soles to Help in Aid of Peru’s Earthquake Victims

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) accepted donations amounting to almost 15 million soles, which are to be invested in the aid of the victims of the earthquake that devastated many of Peru’s southern cities and killed hundreds of people on August 15.

Donations made by different people and companies, public entities, governments and international organizations, were received from August to November.

This amount will help face emergencies and restoration work in the areas affected by the earthquake that rocked southern Peru, leaving tens of thousands of people homeless.

This measure was published today in the legal norms bulletin of Peru’s official gazette El Peruano.

Since August 15, large-scale operations in response to the destructive earthquake have assisted the thousands of families affected in areas like Pisco, Cañete, and Chincha among other cities.

News source: ANDINA