Ecuador’s Wood Industry Interested in Investing in Peru’s Forests

(LIP-ir) — Ecuadorian businessmen have great interest in investing in Peru’s forestry sector due to the country’s huge potential in timber-yielding species, mainly pine trees which are in great demand in the United States, announced Peru’s Minister of Agriculture, Ismael Benavides.

He stated Ecuador’s Wood Industry Association (AIMA) had expressed their interest in developing a timber project in the region of Cajamarca.

AIMA’s chief, Diego Ponce, stated that Ecuadorian interest is based on the stability of Peruvian laws and the possible adjustment to the reforestation law promoted by the government.

If Ecuadorians start this project in Cajamarca, they will make an investment as high as three or four million dollars, which would be invested in the construction of a sawmill in the area and some improvements in the transformation process, said Ponce.

He also stated that AIMA had a long client list in the international market, which would facilitate product trading. He assured that the association had a special interest in the reforestation of the areas in which it worked.

One of the valuable timber-yielding species is pine, since this is the main raw material for boards; it is in great demand in the United States, where fences and furniture are made of it.

News source: ANDINA