Peru’s President Alan Garcia Signed 2,570 Bills this Year

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s President Alan Garcia signed 2,570 bills this year, 21 of which were Legislative Decrees, 51 Supreme Decrees, 730 Decrees and 1,569 Supreme Resolutions.

He also signed 199 bills (bill projects and Legislative Resolutions that were approved by the Congress of the Republic), out of a total of 335 legislative initiatives sent to Congress by the government.

President Garcia headed 69 sessions with the Council of Ministers, 43 of which were ordinary, 23 extraordinary sessions and 3 decentralized, according to a report issued by the Press Secretariat of the Government Palace.

Peru’s President Alan Garcia took 63 trips to rural areas in the country and traveled abroad 9 times. The Peru-US Free Trade Agreement (TLC) was singed by US President George Bush this year.

News source: ANDINA