Ambassador Warns Chile’s Air Force and Satellites Spying on Peru

Peru’s Minster of Defense, Antero Flores Aráoz

(LIP-ir) — Chilean military pilots that fly planes for LAN airlines are spying on Peru’s territory, warned Ambassador Hugo de Zela Hurtado yesterday.

The diplomat explained that these aircrafts had violated national airspace near the Peru-Chile border and were observing Peru’s armed forces at La Joya military base.

"It is well-known that the pilots who fly these Chilean planes have violated Peruvian airspace on several occasions, especially over the border of the two countries, thus permitting them to observe La Joya Air Force base, track the movement of our Army and the location of our garrison," said the ambassador.

De Zela officially requested that Peru’s government take the necessary measures to keep Chile’s military from invading national airspace.

He explained that if nothing was done, the country’s sovereignty was at risk. When commenting on Chile’s recent purchase of a satellite, he stated that it would also be used to spy on Peru.

Peru needs to concern itself with its own equipment and not make a big deal of the equipment Chile is purchasing, said the new Minster of Defense, Antero Flores Aráoz. "We need to worry about what we have and not what others have purchased."

He added that there were thousands of satellites and that it was normal for a country like Chile to purchase one, stating that satellites were used in many ways and not just by the military.