Peru’s Soft Drink Companies Battle for Consumers as 2008 Summer Begins

(LIP-ir) — With soft drink companies striving to have the most original, creative and effective marketing strategies, Mario Gomi, Water & Soft Drink Director for Backus, estimated that the sale of soft drinks would amount to over $140 million during the 2008 summer season in Peru.

Among those in competition for this summer’s consumers are Inca Kola, Coca Cola, Kola Real, Pepsi and Guaraná.

Gomi pointed out that summer sales accounted for 28 percent of the companies’ annual sales, which amount to approximately $500 million per year.

Even though Peru’s summer season began late and has been predicted to be less hot than other years, Gomi estimates the soft drink industry will grow approximately 5 percent this year.

On the other hand, he stated that the industry had not grown by even 1 percent yet because of the long 2007 winter. He predicted that a higher purchasing power in Peruvian households would make up for this, however.

In November 2007, Inca Kola was Peru’s leading soft drink company, accounting for 25.5 percent of the market’s sales. Coca Cola was just behind with 24.7 percent followed by Kola Real with 11.2 percent, Pepsi 7 percent and Guaraná 5 percent.

Gomi stated that Backus hoped to increase sales with the release of its new soft drink, Guaraná Light.