Chile Concerned about Peru’s Lawsuit at World Court

(LIP-ir) — After meeting Chancellor Alexander Foxley, a group of senators in Chile, expressed their concern about the maritime border lawsuit Peru will file at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Senators Juan Antonio Coloma (UDI), Sergio Romero (RN) and the independent deputy Alberto Cardemil talked to Foxley about the steps Chile could take as soon as Peru files the lawsuit before the ICJ, the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio reported.

The senators were surprised after hearing statements made last Saturday by Peru’s Representative before the ICJ, Allan Wagner, who said Peru was not going to fight before The Hague.

"This is an unfriendly action taken by Peru, to file a lawsuit before the Court and disregard bilateral treaties that have lasted for years", said senator Coloma.

Senator Cardemil stated that although former chancellor Wagner assures that "Peru is not going to fight before the Court, filing a lawsuit where no reason exists, means to fight".

Senator Romero stated that proceedings were going to last between five and eight years. "In this process the Chilean Government is backed by the alliance that they are going to have for its defense before The Hague", he added.

Coloma encouraged Chileans to face this problem with unity. "All Chileans, wherever they come from no matter what they believe in, should be united", said Coloma.

According to Chile, the maritime border was established in fishing agreements signed in 1952 and 1954, which were also signed by Ecuador.

News source: ANDINA