Peru’s Capital to Celebrate its 473rd Anniversary

(LIP-ir) — Lima, the capital city of Peru, is getting ready to celebrate its 473rd anniversary on January 18. The Municipality of Lima will launch a magnificent event called “Lima, Sun of Cultures", with activities scheduled from January 15 – 27.

These activities, aimed to promote culture and build a strong national identity, are based on the acknowledgement and acceptance of our roots as well as the different cultures that merge in Lima.

The activities start on January 15 with the opening of the art exhibition "Homage to Lima" by artist José Coronado, in Pancho Fierro Art Gallery.

Visitors will also be able to see E. Courret Institute’s archives called “Re-knowing Lima”, which shows different scenes of the capital from the XIX century to the beginning of the XX century. This exhibition will be opened on January 22.

The National Folklore Group and the national marinera champions will have a counterpoint in “Lima, always Lima”, starting January 20 in Malecón del Río.

News source: ANDINA