Mother Gives Birth to Peru’s First Set of Triplets in 2008

(LIP-ir) — 35-year-old Gladys Becerril Rusffasce, accompanied by her husband, Percy Cajes Pintado (37), gave birth to Peru’s first set of triplets in 2008.

Percy and Gladys are now the proud parents of Nicolás, Fabricio and Kiara, all of which were born in EsSalud’s Rebagliati Hospital on Monday January 7.

Fernando Barrios Ipenza, the president of Peru’s Health Care System (EsSalud), visited the couple and met the country’s first set of triplets in 2008.

"A cesarean was performed on the mother on January 7 at 7:30 p.m. She had signs of preeclampsia (a condition characterized by high blood pressure and the presence of protein in the urine) but is doing well now. Her blood pressure is under control," said Saúl Chauca a doctor at the hospital.

Since the children were conceived in a natural way, both parents were shocked that triplets were born.

"We have two daughters: Catherine – who is 12 and Katrina – who is 1 year and 4 months, these babies have fallen from heaven," stated Percy proudly.

Nicolás Mateo, Fabricio Alberto and Kiara Briset were born after 33 weeks gestation, all weighing over 2kgs 100 grams (4 pounds 6 ounces).