Peru: Trump Tower to be Built in Miraflores or San Isidro

(LIP-ir) — US business executive Donald Trump is in the latter stages of negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Lima, reported Peru’s Expreso daily on Friday.

It was reported that Chile-based Kayco International Group, the real estate company representing Trump in South America, told El Mercurio newspaper that investments in Lima were part of the Trump Organization’s expansion plan, which is taking place in Chile and Uruguay, to establish luxury hotels and offices.

A group of Donald Trump’s lawyers was recently in Lima evaluating investment opportunities, which have lead the US tycoon to choose between the districts of San Isidro and Miraflores for the construction of the Lima version of a Trump tower, said Tibisay Monsalve, president of Peru Hotels Society.

According to Monsalve, Trump is to enter Peru’s market with luxury hotels and casinos, which will provide entertainment for famous artists and business executives that are to visit Peru in the near future because of its economic growth.

It was reported that the construction of office buildings is still not in the organization’s plans.