Natural Gas Stations Continue to Open in Lima, Peru

(LIP-ir) — North American natural gas company, Clean Energy, is to inaugurate the first natural gas station in Peru that will have its supply of natural gas transported to the new station.

Since the new natural gas station is not near a gas pipeline, Clean Energy will rely on Cálidda, a Peruvian natural gas distribution company to bring the new station its supply of natural gas.

"Virtual pipeline" is the name authorities have given this type of supply system.

Cálidda, which currently distributes natural gas in Lima and Callao, will use vehicles to transport the compressed natural gas in cylinders to the new Clean Energy natural gas station.

According to Peru’s Minister of Energy and Mines, Juan Valdivia, the new pipeline is to be located on Argentina Avenue, an area the Cálidda pipeline does not reach, and will provide consumers within a 200-kilometer (124-mile) radius with natural gas.

The natural gas is to be stored in high pressure cylinders and will be transported to areas far from Lima, where people will be able to convert their vehicles to run on natural gas, which is cleaner and cheaper, said Valdivia.

He also announced that Galileo – a company from Argentina and Irradia – a North American company, where interested in investing in compressed natural gas stations in Peru within the next few months.