Peru’s Capital Organizes City’s Billboards and Advertisements

(LIP-ir) — From the first tollbooth on Panamericana Sur highway to Pucusana beach, there are 217 billboards that do not meet recently established municipal requirements.

Angel Delgado, head of legal affairs for the Municipality of Lima said that according to municipal ordinance 1094, which was published in Peru’s official gazette over 45 days ago, all billboards in Peru’s capital which do not meet the established requirements will be removed.

He explained that efforts were currently being focused on the southern part of the province, where many beaches are located, because there was a higher concentration of billboards in this area.

Delgado stated that there were several advertising companies that had already begun to comply with the new ordinance, such as Punto Visual, which was taking down an eight-ton structure.

"Companies are cooperating with the municipality so that neighbors can benefit from a more organized city", said Delgado.

The municipal ordinance specifies that billboards must be 300 meters (984 feet) apart, no larger than 185 square meters (606 sq. ft.) and at least 5 meters (16 ft) from the highway.

Punto Visual has already relocated 11 of its billboards on Panamericana Sur highway. Delgado explained that companies would begin receiving fines by the end of the year if they had not made the necessary adjustments.

It was reported that fines are over 7,000 soles.