Peru Rules Out Calling Home its Ambassador to Chile

(LIP-ir) — Peru ruled out summoning its ambassador to Chile and will remain “responsibly prudent and calm” against Chile’s arguments over the maritime lawsuit filed in The Hague’s Court yesterday, Peruvian Foreign Affairs Minister, José Antonio García Belaunde, said today.

He stated it was expected that Chile would summon its ambassador to Peru, Cristian Barros, but said, “why should we do the same with the Peruvian ambassador in Santiago”.

“Don’t forget that ambassador Barros has been vice minister and knows Peru very well. I suspect that Chile’s authorities want long conversations instead of talking on the phone to know what Ambassador Barros might offer”, he said on CPN Radio.

He added that the relationship with Chile “has never been easy” but said “it is important to keep this relationship” because both countries are neighbors and have common interests.

García Belaunde also explained that Ecuador might be called to declare before the The Hague, since it was part of the Declaration of Santiago, one of the instruments that form the legal framework that will provide a solution for the dispute.

News source: ANDINA