Lima, Peru Celebrates with Musica Criolla & Spectacular Fireworks

(LIP-ir) — Believed by many to have been more spectacular than New Year’s Eve, thousands of Peruvians and foreign visitors gathered at La Plaza de Armas, Lima’s main square, on Thursday evening to celebrate the capital’s 473rd anniversary.

5,000 people cheered and danced the night away, enjoying music from various Peruvian artists, as they anxiously waited for the clock to strike twelve and mark the official date Lima was founded (January 18).

With a spectacular display of fireworks, an amazing party and a concert that had thousands singing to the lyrics of popular Peruvian songs, Lima was honored by its people with pride and joy.

The Municipality of Lima prepared a concert that had well-known Peruvian singers like ‘Guajaja’, who effortlessly got the crowd to participate in his songs, and Lucía de la Cruz, who had the multitude singing ‘musica criolla’, a Peruvian music genre with African, Spanish and Andean influences.

Luis Castañeda Lossio, the mayor of Lima, was also present at the event. During his speech, he stated that Limeans had proven to be willing to have a city that was modern, safe and beautiful.

The city of Lima, known as "Ciudad de los Reyes" (City of the Kings), was officially founded by Francisco Pizarro on January 18 1535.

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Happy Birthday, Lima

Lima. The City of Kings. The city of "organized chaos". The city that gave birth to the delicious causa rellena, operatic tenor Juan Diego Flórez, and the cajón, a percussion instrument essential to the creation of Criolla music. Say what you want about this city, but you can’t say that it’s boring. (Click here to read complete story by Diana P. Olano)