Peru Flourishes at Madridfusión Gastronomy Summit in Spain

(LIP-ir) — Currently in its 6th edition, this year’s Madridfusión Gastronomy Summit, which is to take place from January 21-24 in Madrid, Spain, has chosen Gastronomy, the Internet and New Technologies as its title.

The International Gastronomy Summit opened its doors on Monday afternoon and began its first session at three-thirty with the arrival of Rafael Peña.

On Tuesday morning, the internationally renowned event was inaugurated by the mayor of Madrid, Alberto Ruiz Gallardón.

Among the best chefs in the culinary world, Peru has staked its place in this international event. With potatoes, ceviche and pisco as its stars, Peru is quickly becoming increasingly respected by great cooks and scholars.

Although Peru has taken part in the gastronomy summit for the past five years, this is the first time national chef Javier Wong will participate in the event.

Armed with thirty years of experience preparing ceviche and his keen intuition, Wong if offering participants the best of Peruvian cuisine.

Peru has also taken advantage of the fact that this is the International Year of the Potato and is promoting itself in Spain as the country that has thousands of varieties of this nutritious tuber.

An expert in the preparation of dishes with potato, Iván Kisic, chef at Cala de Lima restaurant, is also at the gastronomy summit amazing participants by showing them how this simple vegetable can be taken to a gourmet level with his elaborate and sophisticated fusions.