Project from Peru wins world environment award

(LIP-ir) — A Peruvian project that converts tons of solid waste into work opportunities nationwide won the first prize in a world contest called “Innovative Environment Project” organized by Australia’s Global Development Network Foundation.

Peru’s project beat over 700 institutions dedicated to ecological work.

The winner of the “Most Innovative Development Project 2007" was Peru’s institution, “Ciudad Saludable” (Healthy City) with the project : "Management of Solid Waste" which is currently being established in 40 cities throughout the country.

“I dedicate this success to my countrymen because we won the biggest international competition for researchers working on cooperation and development subjects”, said Albina Ruiz, Executive Director of Ciudad Saludable after the ceremony held in Brisbane, Australia.

The announcement of the winners was made during the conference “Safety Development: Facing threats for survival and safety”, where India and Macedonia won second and third place, respectively.

The event promotes the best research projects in developing countries so they can receive worldwide recognition and support for future developing policies.

The prize, which is financed by the Japanese Government, consists of 30,000 dollars and is earmarked for 300 families who live in extreme poverty and survive thanks to their efforts in recycling solid waste in the region of Pucallpa, Amazonas.

News source: ANDINA