Peru: Chile gives visas to over 30,000 illegal Peruvian immigrants

(LIP-ir) — Since Chile announced it would give illegal immigrants a chance to straighten out their paperwork three months ago, the country’s government has received 50,705 requests for visas to live and work in the coastal South American country.

According to Felipe Harboe, Chile’s deputy interior minister, over 63 percent (32,406) of the requests for visas were made by Peruvian citizens.

5,657 Bolivians applied for visas while 1,782 Ecuadorians, 1,676 Colombians and 507 Argentineans requested the paperwork from Peru’s southern neighbor.

Of the 50,705 visas that were requested, 30 thousand were granted to Peruvian citizens, who now have the option to legally stay and work in the country.

Harboe reported that 11.8 percent (6,015) of the visas were not approved because of a lack of the necessary paperwork, deportation orders and prohibitions to allow certain people into the country.

In the case of those that did not have all the necessary paperwork, Chile’s deputy interior minister explained that it was possible for them to have their visas approved if they got together the necessary documentation.

He added that even though the approval process had ended February 5, they could still have their visas approved.