Peru: Ceremony to be held in honor of President Alan Garcia’s brother

(LIP-ir) — A mass in honor of Carlos García Pérez is to be held today at 11 a.m. at APRA headquarters on Alofonso Ugarte Avenue in Lima.

Peru’s president Alan García Pérez is to be present at the religious ceremony along with family members and friends of the late Carlos García Pérez.

It was reported that the ceremony would end at 12 p.m., at which time the deceased would be taken to Jardines de la Paz Cemetery in La Molina.

61-year-old Carlos García Pérez, brother of Peru’s president Alan Garcia, died Wednesday afternoon. Congress halted daily activity Wednesday and held one minute of silence for the former APRA adviser.

García Pérez had degrees in Development planning, Industrial planning, Economy and Marketing.

He knew five languages and took part in seminars around the world in countries such as Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Spain, Romania and the United States among others.

He was an adviser in different international organizations such as the Andean Development Fund and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

García Pérez also taught at Peruvian universities such as Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal and the Universidad del Pacífico.