Peru: Chile’s navy captures Peruvian fishing boat & detains crew near Arica

(LIP-ir) — Citing statements from naval authorities in Arica, Peru’s RPP Noticias reported today that Chiles navy had captured a Peruvian fishing boat and detained 16 crew members for fishing in unauthorized territory.

"Aguila" fishing boat was captured to the north of Arica on Thursday, approximately one mile south of Peru’s border with Chile and 15 miles northeast of Arica, which is 2,050 kilometers (1,273 miles) north of Santiago, reported Radio Bío Bío.

The area where the fishing boat was stopped is within the controversial maritime limits being disputed between Peru and Chile at the World Court.

In January, Peru officially filed a lawsuit at The Hague, The Netherlands to have the maritime limits redefined.

According to Chilean Navy Lieutenant Maximiliano Ugarte, the 16 crew members aboard the fishing boat were detained and transported to Arica, the border city south of Peru’s region of Tacna.

The detainees are in police custody and could be freed after paying the necessary fines.

According to Radio Bío Bío, the fishermen had already cast their nets when they were surprised by Chile’s Navy, which was doing routine surveillance.