Peru: Investors from Japan to build meteorite museum in Puno

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Institute (INGEMMET) announced that Japanese businessmen have planned to build a space museum in Carancas, Puno (795 miles southeast of Lima), the region where a meteorite landed in September 2007.

Construction is to begin in April and $90 thousand are to be invested in the state of the art museum that will be able to withstand Puno’s extreme weather conditions, said Hernando Núñez del Prado, director of institute affairs for the INGEMMET.

Aside from exhibiting pieces of the chondrite, the museum will give visitors information on aerospace science and astrophysics related to cosmic phenomenon.

Núñez del Prado explained the crater where the meteorite had landed would remain covered by a 20×20 meter piece of canvas to keep it from being affected by the heavy rainfall in Puno.

He also stated a law was being proposed to protect the country from "meteorite hunters".

Furthermore, National Geographic has announced it will present a documentary in four languages this year on the meteorite that landed in Puno, said Rocío Gómez Paredes, a natural resources manager fro the regional government of Puno.