School students to be taught about Peru-Chile maritime border lawsuit

(LIP-ir) — Once the school year begins, elementary and high school teachers in Peru’s public and private schools will give their students information on the maritime border dispute with Chile and the lawsuit that has been filed at the International Court of Justice.

This announcement was made by Idel Vexler, the Vice Minister of Education, who said that the decision would officially be posted on Tuesday in El Peruano, Peru’s official gazette.

Vexler explained this was being done to give Peruvian students information on what was happening in the lawsuit against Chile as well as to strengthen the students’ national identity.

In the case of elementary school children, teachers will give third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade students information on the World Court lawsuit the first day of school. High school students will be given the same information but in a different course of study.

It was reported that special texts have been created by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so that teachers can explain the issue more clearly.

"Depending on the students’ level, the appropriate methodology should be used during these learning sessions. Priority should be given to reading comprehension and debate. The class should be active and creative so that objectives are reached’, said Vexler.

Peru officially took its maritime border dispute with Chile to the International Court of Justice in The Hague on January 16.

The Andean country’s former Defense Minster, Allan Wagner, will be Peru’s official representative during the case.