Peru: More protests and strikes scheduled in Cusco

(LIP-ir) — Cusco’s Regional Assembly agreed Monday night to hold a complete strike or a "paro seco" throughout the entire region on Thursday and Friday.

The regional assembly announced that the strike was going to be held in protest of laws that would make it easier for investors to be awarded concessions of cultural sites.

La Asamblea Regional del Cusco also announced that more demands had been made a part of their platform.

According to representatives, these demands were to be solved several months ago but were never addressed by authorities.

Issues that the regional assembly has chosen to discuss are the construction of an airport in Chinchero, the construction of a gas pipeline, the revision of concession and privatization contracts, an increase in the salaries of government workers as well as several other projects.

Aside from protests taking place in Cusco because of the new concession law, the government is handling violent farmers’ protests that are affecting tourists on their way to Machu Picchu.

Prime Minister Jorge del Castillo has called for regional court systems to drastically punish anyone that is caught blocking highways or protesting violently.

Regional authorities have been warned that if protests continue, Cusco will not be accredited as one of the twelve venues for APEC meetings.