500 young Peruvians trained to be chefs in Peru’s finest restaurants

(LIP-ir) — Senati, an educational institute based in Lima, and the Peruvian Gastronomical Association (APEGA) signed an agreement yesterday that will make it possible for 500 young Peruvians from low-income families to take up a career as chefs.

The 500 young men and women will be trained in the art of cooking Peruvian and International cuisines.

Furthermore, they will be given the chance to work and train in the country’s fines restaurants.

Since training in this field still lacks certain educational needs, the agreement was made so the two institutions could complement each other.

"Signing this agreement will allow us to work together; Senati will provide the teachers and students and we will allow the use of our restaurants for professional training," said Gastón Acurio, the president of APEGA. "At the same time they (students) will have a chance to show us their talent."

Acurio explained that not only would chefs be prepared but also waiters that could provide a quality service.

"The preparation of waiters is also important because they are the first persons to come into contact with the customers and they should be ready to give a good impression," affirmed Acurio.

His involvement in projects like this is only one of the many reasons why Peru is so proud of Gaston Acurio, click 101 Reasons to be Proud of Peru.