Peru sells real estate to build five new buildings for ministries

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s Housing Minister, Enrique Cornejo, announced Tuesday that ten pieces of property belonging to the State would be sold for $140 million and explained that the money would be used to build new and more modern buildings for the country’s ministries.

After meeting with President Alan Garcia, Cornejo assured that the ten pieces of property were in high-value commercial areas, making them appealing to private investors who may be interested in building residences or commercial buildings.

The housing minister assured that the real estate would be sold in a transparent way, guaranteeing a fair and legal process that met all the necessary standards.

He explained that buildings for five of the country’s ministries could be built with the money raised from the real estate sold.

"We’ve found a new site for the new ministries, the piece of land in Breña where the Ministry of Transportation is currently located", said Cornejo. "It’s a large piece of land and five ministries can be placed there."

The housing minister said that some of the pieces of property to be sold were the Ministry of Energy and Mines as well as the Ministry of Education in San Borja along with the Ministry of Justice and the Council of Ministers in Miraflores.