Peru’s Banco de la Nación to provide state workers with unemployment insurance

(LIP-ir) — In an interview with reporters from Expreso daily, Humberto Meneses, the president of Peru’s Banco de la Nación, announced that state workers would be provided a type of insurance in the case that they were fired from their jobs and would have easier access to mortgage loans.

He stated that the unemployment insurance had been designed because the majority of the bank’s clients made payments on time and the unemployment rate in state-run companies was much lower than the unemployment rate in private companies.

Meneses explained that the project’s evaluation would finish in two weeks and could be implemented within the next three months.

The program is to benefit state workers that lose their jobs by giving them access to a temporary salary for up to one year.

When asked about mortgage loans, the Banco de la Nación president said the bank was targeting Peru’s C and D classes, stating that the amount of a loan and interest rates were still being defined.

The Banco de la Nación, owned by the Peruvian government, granted 450,000 people loans in 2007, amounting to 1,200,000 soles.

With a new program for retired citizens, the bank has granted loans to 100,000 retired Peruvians between the ages of 65 and 84.