Peru: Electrical substation explodes in commercial high-end Lima district

(LIP-ir) — An electrical substation in the basement of an office building in the high-end Lima district of San Isidro exploded yesterday just minutes before 5 p.m.

Office workers in the building and in surrounding buildings were immediately evacuated.

It was reported that two firefighters were injured as they tried to put out the fire caused by the underground substation’s explosion on the fourth block of Las Begonias Street, one of the most commercial areas in Lima, Peru.

Personnel that work for the building where the explosion took place said they believed the electrical substation, belonging to Luz del Sur, had exploded because of a short circuit.

"We have to wait for firefighters to clear the area before we can determine the exact cause", said one of the technicians working for the office building.

He did not rule out however that the explosion might have been caused by garbage or a lit cigarette.

Electrical power was cut off in the area, affecting nearby office building belonging to Seguros Rimac, BBVA Continental Bank and AFP Horizonte, as well as 375 other establishments in the area.

The fire was put out at approximately 6 p.m.