Peru’s Minster of Tourism speaks on Cusco, all meetings not canceled

(LIP-ir) — In a radio interview with reporters from Peru’s CPN Radio, Mercedes Araoz said today that only one of several meetings would not be held in Cusco.

The Andean country’s minister of foreign trade and tourism explained that only the meeting to be held between Tourism Ministers would not take place in Cusco, stating that the government was still evaluating whether to organize other meetings in the unstable region.

"I want to explain that the government has only made the decision to cancel the Tourism Ministers meeting", affirmed Araoz. "We were not comfortable with having the meeting in this area so we made the decision to hold it outside the city."

The minister of tourism went on to explain that the government had chosen not to hold the meeting in Cusco because of technical reasons and not because it preferred one region over another.

"The reasons are basically logistic, having nothing to do with the preference of another city", said Araoz.

When asked why the government was unable to control small groups of radicals that were negatively affecting the entire region, Araoz responded that the government had not lost control of the region, assuring that those who had been involved in illegal acts had been arrested.

She explained that Cusco was not an unsafe place to visit, stating that the problem was that many of Cusco’s people felt that tourism was something that was negatively affecting the region.

Araoz said it was unfortunate that so many of Cusco’s people felt the tourism industry was destroying their region when it was in fact creating jobs.