Peru students begin school year, thousands affected by rain

(LIP-ir) — In public and private schools across the country, approximately 8 million 500 thousand children and adolescents in Peru began their school year Monday March 3.

Unfortunately, because of the torrential rain that has been affecting various regions of the country; not all of those that were supposed to begin school were able to do so.

While 2 million 352 thousand children in Lima were able to return to school, thousands of students in hundreds of schools in Tumbes (813 miles N.W. of Lima) were unable to begin because schools are still flooded.

Thirty percent of the 404 schools in the region have been affected by rain, said the Regional Educational Directorate of Tumbes.

It was reported that school would begin as soon as the Ministry of Education could repair the damaged facilities.

Regions such as Tumbes, Piura, Lambayeque, and Ucayali have been declared in a state of emergency because of torrential rainfall.

It was also reported that school officials are being supervised and it is being made sure that students are not being kept from studying because of payments that need to be made to parent teacher associations.

The ministry has announced that students cannot be denied access to schools because parents have not made certain payments or because they do not have uniforms.