Peru: Morning News Roundup – Tuesday March 4

Peru: Colombia’s incursion "unacceptable"  

Peruvian President Alan Garcia said Monday that Colombia’s incursion into the Ecuadorian territory to attack Colombian rebels was "unacceptable," calling on the Organization of American States to clarify what anti-terror measures are appropriate. Garcia said he would not allow such a thing to happen in Peru, adding that Colombia has clearly violated international laws. "There should be a clear commitment that none intervenes inside another nation’s territory," he said. Ecuador broke off diplomatic relations with Colombia on Monday, 48 hours after Colombian police and military officials killed rebels from that nation’s largest rebel group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), at a camp in Ecuador 3 km from the border. Ecuador says the Colombian military aircraft trespassed at least 10 km from the border. (Xinhua – click here to read complete article)

"Houses of ALBA" linked to extremists in Peru

Peruvian Interior Minister Luis Alva Castro said he has evidence that the so-called "Houses of ALBA" (which stands for Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas), are linked to extremist groups encouraging violent protests and intending to boycott the summits to be held this year in Peru, DPA reported. Alva Castro told radio station CPN that the Peruvian government is in possession some checks a country -which he would not name- paid, which "clearly state the purpose and the receiver." While he avoided pointing to Venezuela as the place where the funds are coming from, as suggested by some government officials, he said the police is concerned about the participation of some radical and extremist organizations in social protests in Peru. (el universal – click here to read complete article)

Cuba-Peru Relations at Good Moment

Cuba and Peru’s intense relations experienced two significant events Monday, the inauguration of a new house of friendship and a welcome for Cuba’s contribution to the development of education. La Casa de la Amistad in the populous Lurin municipality in Lima was inaugurated with the attendance of Cuban Ambassador Luis Delfin Perez, who congratulated the leadership, led by journalist and historian Augusto Rivas. The diplomat urged the leaders of the brand-new house, to work in favor of strengthening bilateral relations of friendship and cooperation between both countries. He emphasized the transparent and comprehensive character of the houses of friendship, dedicated to support and promote those ties in all areas, apart from all internal political activity. (Prensa Latina – click here to read complete article)

Seattle celebrates Peru: Peru Negro is part of consulate’s 100th anniversary

Though it may seem like an unlikely place for a consulate, the Northwest consulate for Peru first opened its doors in Port Townsend. Consul Miguel Velasquez said it wasn’t until a few years later, in 1908, that the consulate moved to Seattle. At the turn of the last century, it made better sense for the consulate to be in Port Townsend, according to Velasquez. "It was located in Port Townsend because the U. S. Customs house was there," he said. "The main port was there too." This month, the consulate, located at 3717 N.E. 157th St. in Lake Forest Park, begins a celebration of its 100th anniversary. The celebration will last a week, beginning March 29. Velasquez said his consulate’s mission is to boost people’s interest in his country and to help Peruvians in the Northwest with their needs. (Journal Newspapers – click here to read complete article by Sam Bennett)

Peru Seen Holding Rates Despite Inflation

Peru’s central bank is expected to keep the overnight rate at 5.25% after its monthly board meeting Thursday, despite the high probability that February’s inflation could be higher than forecast, according to Citi. The shop sees food likely to affect Peru’s inflation more than in other countries, given that it accounts for 47.5% of the CPI basket, versus a 26% regional average. This has the potential to encourage generalized inflationary pressures and will likely reduce the probability of reaching the inflation target this year. Citi believes that the likelihood of a rate hike in the next meeting is small, but does not rule out additional measures in the coming months. (Latin Finance)

SEPULTURA: Ecuador, Peru Dates Cancelled

Brazilian thrashers SEPULTURA have cancelled their previously announced tour dates in Ecuador and Peru. They will be rescheduled soon. The group’s itinerary is now shaping up as follows:

Mar. 22 – Guarulhos, São Paulo, Brazil – Centro Internacional de Eventos
Mar. 28 – Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil – SESC
May 01 – Villarrobledo, Albacete, Spain – Viña Rock Festival 2008

Photos of SEPULTURA in their São Paulo rehearsal room writing material for their next studio album can be viewed at this location. Says the band: "Pictures will start popping out in this [Flickr] account because we’ve set Paulo’s [Xisto Pinto Jr., bass] laptop computer to take pictures every ten minutes during the practice session. He just needs to remember to turn the thing on." (Blabbermouth – click here to read complete article)