Peru’s Alan Garcia: All of Lima and Callao to have potable water by 2011

(LIP-ir) — Peru’s President Alan Garcia affirmed Tuesday morning that all of the people living in Lima and Callao would have access to water by the end of his administration in 2011, stating this would benefit 5 million residents in the nation’s most populated regions.

Garcia’s administration plans to achieve its goal through the program known as "Agua para Todos" (Water for Everyone).

He assured that all of Lima and Callao would have access to water as he presided over a bidding process in Huachipa, a district in Lima.

The Head of State announced the program had already benefited 2 million people, stating the goal was near.

Garcia explained that with a 23-million-sol investment (in the first stage of the program) 18,000 families in Santa Maria de Huachipa would soon have access to potable water.

"Without water there is no democracy, that’s why we have to encourage private investors to pay taxes so there will be more funds to carry out projects for the poor", said Peru’s president.

He assured this was his administration’s objective.