Marc Anthony concert in Peru promises to be spectacular show

(LIP-ir) — Marc Anthony’s performance in Lima, which is scheduled for April 7, will be a concert with cutting edge technology, a spectacular light and sound show as well as state of the art special effects, reported local media.

The concert, to be held in Peru’s Estadio Nacional (National Stadium), will be as good as any other concert the salsa singer holds in the United States or Europe, boasted event organizers.

Due to the quality of the show that is to be presented, Marc Anthony’s reunion with Peru is to be an unforgettable experience, said the concert’s production team.

The salsa and romantic ballads singer is returning to the Andean country as a part of the "El Cantante" tour.

"The same equipment Marc usually uses in concerts in the United States will be available to him (in Peru). With respect to infrastructure, Peru’s audience will experience a quality show", said event organizers, stating the stage where Anthony is to perform is one of the largest that has been used in Peru.

Marc Anthony’s wife, Jennifer Lopez recently gave birth to twin babies, which they named Max and Emme, said People magazine, citing Lopez’ agent Simon Fields.

The baby boy and girl were born on February 22 at approximately midnight.