Peru: 110 buildings being constructed in upscale Lima district

Buildings around a golf course in San Isidro
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(LIP-ir) — In an interview with reporters from El Comercio, the mayor of one of Peru’s most upscale districts, Mayor Antonio Meier assured that San Isidro was not against investments but wanted to see the district grow in an organized manner.

Meier made these clarifications after several real estate companies complained of the new regulations being approved by the mayor’s office in San Isidro.

"Regulations are clear and not subjective anymore, we want the district to grow in an organized way", said Meier.

The mayor assured that the new regulations were not keeping investors from buying land and starting new projects, pointing out that the Brescia Group had recently had a foundation-laying ceremony for its new $60 million 5-star hotel, the Westin Libertador Lima.

"Presently, 110 buildings for residential and business use are being built in the district, which represents a large investment", said the mayor, not wanting to give any information on how much was being invested.

He specified that across the street from the new 5-star hotel, a 32-floor office building along with another 5-star hotel would be built.

When asked about other projects, the Mayor explained that the district planned on asking the government to sell the land where Alfonso Ugarte public school is located, stating that the majority of the children did not live in San Isidro and traveled a long distance to get to school.

He assured the government would make a good profit, stating that the land in that area was valued at $800 per square meter.