Falabella bank to open more branches – Peru to trade $700 million with Taiwan in 2008

KEMPF plans to buy Peru’s hotel Antara for US$ 1.8 million

The Spanish business group KEMPF and Associates plans to buy Peruvian-founded hotel Antara, located in Miraflores, for over 1.8 million dollars, said Antara Hotel’s board chair, Juana Carrasco. On February 24, the Peruvian Hotel Society (SHP) said that the Spanish group had shown great interest in starting operations in our country. The investors’ visit to Peru in February was possible thanks to the support of the Pro Barcelona Foundation. “In the meetings we held with the Spanish investors, they asked for further information about the hotel, such as invoicing, expected occupancy rate and other operations”, Carrasco added. Hotel Antara is a three-star hotel specialized in the corporate sector. It has 27 suites and a restaurant / café. (ANDINA – click here to read complete article)

Banco Falabella to open more branches in Peru this year

Banco Falabella will invest nine million dollars in opening fifteen branches in Lima and three in provinces this year as part of its expansion plan in the country, announced the bank’s general manager, Rafael Rizo Patrón. “This year’s projects include the opening of 15 branches in Lima and maybe three in province”, he told Andina news agency. Rizo Patrón explained that the bank had two types of branches, some are located in the different stores of the group, and others are individual branches scattered throughout Lima. "In Peru’s provinces, Grupo Falabella Perú plans to build three projects including its whole range of stores", he added. (ANDINA – click here to read complete article)

Peru to promote investment opportunities in Japan and China

The Private Investment Promotion Agency (ProInversion) will hold a road show next week in Japan and China to promote investment opportunities in our country, reported today ProInversión’s executive director, David Lemor. "Next week, I will visit Japan and China to promote investment opportunities through road shows and board meetings with important Japanese companies and a leading business group from China", he told Andina news agency. Lemor emphasized that China was a 1.3 billion people market with powerful companies interested in doing business with Peru, promoting ties with Chinese companies will increase the possibility to sign a bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA), currently being negotiated between both countries. (ANDINA – click here to read complete article)

Peru and Taiwan to increase trade exchange by 10% this year

The trade exchange between Peru and Taiwan will rise by ten percent this year totaling 700 million dollars, said today the Director of the Economic Department of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Lima, David Huang. Huang pointed out that the bilateral trade exchange amounted to 635 million dollars last year, representing a 17 percent jump compared to 2006. In 2007, Taiwan imported Peruvian products worth 400 million dollars, resulting in a trade surplus in favor of Peru. Huang said that the main Peruvian products imported by Taiwan were minerals (copper, zinc and lead) and fish products (fishmeal and seafood), while Taiwan’s main products exported to our country are fibers and yarns for the textile industry in our country. (ANDINA – click here to read complete article)