Chefs help needy – Peru promotes alpaca

Puno promotes Alpaca as touristic element in Peru

"Alpaca is one of Peru’s flagship products and it is important for tourist guides to know about this species of South American camelid and its characteristics so they give information on it as a touristic element", said Moisés Asparrin, general manager of the Mallkini group, which is a part of Michell & Cía.

Michell & Cía took part in Peru’s 11th National Tourist Guide Convention, which is taking place in the Mundo Alpaca museum.

As a way of promoting Alpaca, Michell & Cía has established the Mundo Alpaca museum, where Suri and Huacaya alpaca can be seen.

Mundo Alpaca is located at Alameda San Lázaro 101, Cercado and is open to the public.

Chefs help needy

Chef Felix Picasso hosted the first meeting held by the Academy of Chefs of Peru, which is made up of 18 chefs from the main hotel chains in the country.

The organization was begun to find ways to help low-income families in Peru’s rural regions. The first project the chefs are to embark on has been organized with a local NGO that works with people in Pachacutec, a poor region in Ventanilla, which is a district of the Constitutional Province of Callao.