Impostors arrested for cheating on teachers’ exams in Peru

(LIP-ir) — Charges have been pressed against 16 people that were caught cheating during exams being administered to teachers applying for positions in Peru’s public schools, announced prosecuting attorney, Gladys Echaiz.

According to official reports, the people detained were attempting to take the teacher’s exam under someone else’s name.

The 16 people were caught in the northern region of Cajamarca and in Huancavelica, a region to the southwest of Lima.

Five impostors and the person organizing the crime were arrested in Cajamarca. Those involved were identified as 22-year-old Giorgy Carrizales, Jimmy Vergara (29), José Saavedra (42), Giancarlo Videla (20), Miguel Ángel Silva (22 ) and Edwin Marrufo Zorrilla (31).

According to Echaiz, the five teachers the impostors were replacing were also detained.

The cases in Huancavelica were handled in the same way, impostors and the teachers they were replacing were all detained and brought before district courts.

In other statements, the prosecuting attorney explained that the four people who had been caught cheating on their exams had been freed from police custody because they had not committed a crime which called for their arrest.