Neighbors in Lima, Peru protest – Plaza Vea not to be built

(LIP-ir) — In a press release issued yesterday by the Municipality of Jesus Maria, the mayor of the Lima district, Enrique Ocrospoma, announced that a shopping center would no longer be built in front of the San Felipe apartment complex.

Initially, the mayor encouraged and had supported the concession request by Supermercados Peruanos SA to build a Plaza Vea supermarket that would occupy almost three times the area used by the Santa Isabel supermarket that is currently there.

After neighbors took to the streets and emphatically protested the construction of the new supermarket with pots, pans, wooden spoons, horns and large banners – the municipality decided that the area would not be used for the construction of a supermarket or shopping center.

It was also announced that the mayor is to meet with members of the neighborhood’s board of directors on March 17.

Representatives from 36 buildings in the area will also be present at the meeting, where the mayor is to announce the municipality’s decision not to build.

Despite the decision made, the mayor stated that its construction would have improved the area and the neighbors’ standard of living.

Furthermore, Ocrospoma assured that many neighbors erroneously believed that the area belonged to them when it was in fact a public area.