Unions assure no more strikes in Cusco, Peru during March

(LIP-ir) — The union known as the Regional Assembly of Cusco has announced that there will not be protests in the region this month.

The union has assured that marches and strikes will not be organized to reject the new tourism law, a law that is to promote the construction of buildings near archaeological sites and make it easier for private companies to be granted concessions of these sites.

According to union representatives, strikes have been suspended for March but will resume in April.

Efraín Yepez, the union’s coordinator, has stated that holding off on strikes and protests until April will give parents a chance to focus on their children’s new school year.

He added that the Regional Assembly of Cusco wanted to hold their next strike at the same time the CGTP, one of Peru’s largest worker’s unions, would be holding a strike in April – this way they could support each other in their causes.

In an attempt to show remorse or regret for the riots that recently took place in Cusco, Yepez announced that a peaceful march would be held on March 24 to remedy or repair the damage that had been done to the city.

The march has been named "A day of redress for Cusco" and is to be held at the Imperial City’s main square.

It was not announced when exactly April’s strike would take place but Yepez asked union leaders to make sure they had their list of demands.

Yepez assured that strikes would not take place while APEC meetings were being held in the city.