Congress approves new divorce bill in Peru

(LIP-ir) — In a plenary session of congress Thursday afternoon, congress approved a bill that is to make it easier for Peruvians to get a divorce.

With a 61 – 8 vote, a bill that will allow couples in Peru to get divorced at municipalities and notaries across the country was passed.

The project was presented in 2006 by congresswoman Rosario Sasieta, who claimed the divorce process in the country was an extremely heavy and unnecessary burden on Peru’s judicial system, stating that the whole system was put into action to handle one divorce.

She also explained that Peruvians had to pay a great deal of money for a divorce and that the process was too long.

With the recently approved bill, citizens that mutually agree to end their marriage will be able to do so through municipalities and notaries.

It was reported that this would only apply to couples that had already established the custody of their children and the distribution of property and possessions.

Many Peruvians applauded the effort and stated it would solve many couples’ problems.

On the other hand, Monsignor Luis Bambarén affirmed that this was not a good decision and would only lead to more divorces and "quick fixes". He stated that more attention should be given to strengthening families.

There are currently 3.6 million divorce cases pending in Peru’s court system.