Hot weather in Lima, Peru to continue throughout April

(LIP-ir) — According to SENAMHI, Peru’s National Weather Service, with temperatures between 27°C and 28°C (80°F and 82°F) Sunday was registered as one of the hottest days in Lima during March.

These weather conditions are to continue throughout the month of April, said SENAMHI.

According to Carlos Moreyra, a specialist at SENAHMI, temperatures as high as 27°C (80°F) and 28°C (82°F) were registered at Campo de Marte Park in Jesus Maria and Jorge Chavez Airport.

Furthermore, the specialist assured that heat had been felt much more strongly in the districts of La Molina, Ate-Vitarte and Surco.

Temperatures began to rise early Sunday morning, encouraging a massive amount of Limeans across the country’s capital to head to beaches along the Costa Verde as well as beaches to the south of the country’s capital.

These high temperatures will continue until the middle of April and will gradually begin to decrease after the 15th, said Moreyra.

He added that it was possible for this year’s winter to be similar to last year’s.