Repaved Arequipa Avenue in Lima, Peru reopened

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

After almost 3 months of construction, the first eleven blocks of Arequipa Avenue were reopened Monday morning.

In an effort to improve one of the capital’s main avenues, the Municipality of Lima, with the help of Peru’s government, began a project in February to repave all 52 blocks of Arequipa Avenue, which runs from the district of Miraflores to the entrance of downtown Lima.

The avenue’s first eleven blocks have been completely repaved and the lanes have been widened by approximately 60 centimeters (2 feet).

Southbound vehicles will now be able to freely travel down the newly renovated avenue.

One of the main reasons this and other avenues throughout Lima are being repaved is in preparation for the main APEC meeting that is to take place in November.

It was reported that the municipality is to continue working on the rest of Arequipa Avenue to have it ready for the international forum.

Other improvements to the avenue include new traffic lights and signs.