Peru – Chile free trade deal nearby, U.S. FTA attracts $1.2bn investment, Peru to grow 7 percent 2008

Chile to approve FTA with Peru, says Chilean senator

Chilean Senator Sergio Romero said that there is a favorable environment in the Senate to approve the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Peru, so "there is no doubt that it will happen as soon as possible". "I see a very appropriate environment, because a supplementary agreement with Peru is in line with what has been said in Chile. I have no doubt that the Chilean Senate will approve the agreement", he said. (ANDINA – click here to read complete article)

US considers satisfactory Peru’s progress in FTA environmental legislation

The United States government considers that it is "satisfactory" the progress made by Peru in the environmental legislation that will be used to implement the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries, Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism Mercedes Aráoz stated today. (ANDINA – click here to read complete article)

Peru announces $1.2 billion investment to take advantage of FTA with U.S.

In the address before the Agrarian Commission of the Peruvian Congress, Agriculture minister Ismael Benavides announced a 1.2 billion dollar investment to take advantage of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the U.S and to improve the living conditions of poor farmers in rural communities. (ANDINA – click here to read complete article)

IMF ups growth projection for Peru to 7% for 2008

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) ups to 7 percent its growth projection for Peru’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2008, placing Peru and Argentina as the highest countries in Latin America. However, the IMF also reviewed the growth projection cut of countries such as Chile (from 5 percent to 4, 5 percent), Colombia (4, 8 to 4, 6 percent), Ecuador (3, 4 to 2, 9 percent) and Mexico (3 to 2 percent). (ANDINA – click here to read complete article)

China interested in Peruvian agriculture, petroleum and mining

The Chinese investors show a great interest in developing projects in agriculture, petroleum, and mining in Peru, the Chinese Economic and Commercial attaché to Lima, Zhang Jisan said today. He said that for China it is important to strengthen political, commercial, and economic relations with Peru within the Latin American region. (ANDINA – click here to read complete article)