Peru open for tourism investors, New measures to protect tourists

Peru is an open country for tourism investors, affirms president García

During the lecture ceremony of the “Pachacamac Declaration” signed by the ministers of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC), the Peruvian President, Alan García, expressed Peru’s will to receive tourism investment. “We greet world Tourism ministers saying that Peru is an open country for foreign capital, for the presence of all nations and world citizens. And, we believe this meeting will significantly strengthen the brotherhood and friendship of all nations”. (ANDINA – click here to read complete article)

PromPerú to inform embassies about measures to protect tourists

The minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Mercedes Aráoz, said today that the Peruvian Export and Tourism Promotion Agency (Promperu) is taking the necessary measures to inform the embassies about the future security measures to protect foreign tourists visiting Peru. On Wednesday, a light aircraft, belonging to Aero Ica tourism company, crashed in the province of Nasca, leaving five tourists dead (from German and French nationality) and only one survivor (the pilot). (ANDINA – click here to read complete article)

Xstrata to increase investment in mining projects in Peru

Xstrata Cooper Peru is to increase the amount of investment in Peru-based mining projects such as Las Bambas (Apurímac), Tintaya (Cusco) and Antamina (Ancash) where it holds 33.75 percent of the shares, announced today the company’s executive vice-president of operations, José Marún. (ANDINA – click here to read complete article)

Ica plans $80mln project to turn wasteland areas into fertile lands

The regional government of Ica is planning to transform 25 000 hectares of wasteland into agricultural fields with an investment of 80 million dollars, said Ica’s regional president, Rómulo Triveño. The wasteland areas are located on the pampas of Villacurí between the towns of Ica and Pisco. "The project will remarkably increase the export-oriented agricultural production of the region", he told Andina news agency. (ANDINA – click here to read complete article)