Peru to become first world country, Trade balance registers $500mn surplus

Peru will become a First World country in 20 years if economic growth continues

Peru will become a first world country in twenty years if maintains its firm economic growth performance between 2004 and 2007 with an average annual rate of 7% and an average annual inflation of 2.5%, said today the Lima Chamber of Commerce. If Peru’s current pace of economic development continues for another twenty years, the country will increase its gross domestic product (GDP) per capita to 10,000 dollars from the current 3,600 dollars. (ANDINA – click here to read complete article)

Taiwan businessmen plan to invest $20 million in Peru’s hotel industry

Businessmen from APEC member Taiwan (also known as Chinese Taipei), plan to invest 20 million dollars in Peru’s hotel industry, announced the minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Mercedes Aráoz. “Chinese Taipei has shown great interest in investing in Peru’s expanding hotel industry due to its growth potential”, minister Aráoz said. (ANDINA – click here to read complete article)

Peru’s trade balance registers $528 million surplus in March, says Central Bank

The Peruvian Central Reserve Bank (BCR) estimated today that Peru would register a 528 million dollars surplus in the trade balance corresponding to the month of March, which means exports exceed imports during that month period. “With information of the National Superintendence of Tax Administration (Sunat) dated on April 6, the March’s exports are estimated in 2.72 billion dollars and the imports in 2.19 billion dollars, both compared would result in 528 million dollars surplus in the trade balance”, reported the Bank. (ANDINA – click here to read complete article)

Mining and energy investment in Peru to exceed $20 billion in 2006-2011

The minister of Energy and Mines, Juan Valdivia, indicated today that the investments in the referred industries will supass the 20 billion dollars between 2006 and 2011, amount that represents almost the double of the previous projection. He explained that, at the beginning of the current government, the mining and energy investments were estimated to reach 11 billion dollars. (ANDINA – click here to read complete article)

The Economist applauds Peru’s economic growth

The Chancery informed today that The Economist, one of the most influential international news media, will host a press conference entitled “Bussiness Roundtable with the Government of Peru: Reaping the Benefits of a booming economy", on Tuesday April 15. (ANDINA – click here to read complete article)