Peru’s President Alan Garcia: More jobs & investments in 2008 than 2007

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Despite an international crisis that is affecting economies all over the world, Peru will register more investments and generate more employment in 2007 than it did in 2008, affirmed President Alan Garcia.

"I think this year, with respect to investments and the production of jobs, will be much more important than 2007", said the president.

"I am convinced that despite the looming international crisis, our country, thanks to investments, thanks to domestic and foreign capital for new projects, will be one of the highest in the world once again this year."

Peru’s Head of State made these statements at the inauguration of a power station in Carabayllo, a northern district in the province of Lima.

It was reported that the new power plant is to benefit residents from Carabayllo to the district of Nuevo Chimbote with 220,000 volts of electricity and lower prices.

Garcia noted that there were many investments in the country’s energy industry, stating that during his current administration he had inaugurated five thermal power stations and would soon be inaugurating another one in Chilca.