Peru scientists introduce first calf born through in vitro fertilization

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

For the first time in history, Peruvian scientists have successfully completed the in vitro fertilization and maturation of cells which have lead to the birth of a calf, announced the country’s ministry of agriculture on Monday afternoon.

The Vice Minster of Agriculture, Luis Sanchez Araujo, assured that this scientific advance would revolutionize the nation’s livestock industry by opening the doors to the immediate genetic improvement of cattle.

He stated that farmers would no longer have to wait three to four years for better livestock.

With the help of the ministry of agriculture, Luis, the first calf born in Peru through in vitro fertilization, was introduced by scientists at Universidad Nacional Agraria in La Molina on Monday afternoon.

"Up until now, Luis has developed normally without any complications in his health," said Giselle Gamarra Lazo, head of the CIETE research center.

Gamarra added that DNA samples had been sent to a laboratory in France for further investigation.

It was reported that Luis’ parents both have high quality genes.