Peru: Cienciano’s Copa Libertadores fate determined today in Uruguay

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Of the three Peruvian teams that qualified to play in Copa Libertadores, only one still has a chance of qualifying for the next round: Cienciano.

With seven points and a -2 goal difference, the Cusco-based team is currently ranked third; it needs to be in the top two of group 4 to qualify for the next round.

Group 4, which consists of Brazil’s Flamengo, Uruguay’s Nacional and Coronel Bolognesi, another Peruvian team, will all play the final game in round one of Copa Libertadores today.

Flamengo is to play Bolognesi while Cienciano is to face off against Nacional.

Flamengo has already qualified for the next round of play while Bolognesi has already been eliminated.

The determining match is between Cienciano and Nacional.

Cienciano, the team that surprised South America in 2003 when it beat Argentina’s River Plate to win the South American Cup, will now have to defeat Uruguay’s Nacional to move ahead in the tournament played by South America’s top football clubs.

The match is to take place today in Uruguay at 5:30 p.m.