Peru: School children in San Borja plant Olive Trees for Tree Day

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

School children and neighbors in San Borja, a residential district in the Lima Province, will plant trees on Thursday in honor of Tree Day.

Led by the district’s mayor, Alberto Tejada, school children and neighbors will honor this day by planting olive trees to symbolize peace and life.

San Borja, a district greatly covered by trees, has approximately 132,000 residents and boasts of a green area for each one of them. San Borja has surpassed world environmental standards, reported Andina news agency.

With support from Jardines del Perú Floralíes Club, the district’s residents are to plant the trees at the Alameda Héroes del Cenepa.

The municipality has stated that it wants children to be more environmentally conscious, explaining that for future generations to enjoy the same number of trees that we have it would be necessary to plant 24 billion trees in the world.

This means that each person in the world needs to plant at least four trees, said community representatives.

With 1,324,341 square meters of green areas and parks (12 square meters per resident), San Borja is one of the greenest districts in the metropolitan area.

According to the Pan American Health Organization, an area should have approximately 8 square meters of green space for each resident.