Photographer shows the effects of climate change on people in Peru

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Climate changes such as unstable temperatures, precipitation and wind patterns are affecting people all over the earth.

In an effort to show how climate change has affected a great deal of Peruvians, a photography exhibition will be held at the Parque Central in Miraflores from May 1 – 31.

"El clima cambia, mi vida también" (Climate changes, so does my life) is a display of thirty photographs taken throughout Peru along with a person’s testimony to accompany each photograph.

It has been planned that the exhibition is to continue growing with more photographs and testimonies.

Working on this project has allowed me to see that climate change is something real and taking place in Peru, said Thomas Mueller, the photographer that put together the photographs along with each of the testimonies.

He explained that many Peruvians were already adapting to the negative and positive effects of climate change in the Andean country.

Mueller traveled through thirteen of the country’s regions; along the coast, through the highlands and jungle to put together this exhibition.

He spoke to farmers, anglers, artisans and many more in over 29 Peruvian villages and towns.

The exhibition is to be inaugurated Wednesday April 30 at 6:00 p.m. at Parque Central in Miraflores.

The German ambassador, the mayor of Miraflores and the Governor of Piura among others will be present at the inauguration of the exhibition.