Peru: Lima construction company blamed for the death of four workers

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

J J Ingenieros construction company is being blamed for the death of four construction workers after tons of concrete and debris fell on them as they were digging a hole to set the foundation of an apartment building.

The mayor of Lima, Luis Castañeda has asked that the company be severely punished for costing the workers their lives.

The company did not follow the correct procedure in the construction of the building, said Javier Pique, district dean of the College of Engineers.

Jorge Villasante, the vice-minister of labor supported these statements saying that the company did not follow basic guidelines.

According to the two experts, the company failed to thicken the wall that was holding back debris as it dug a hole for the foundation of the new building.

Based on the depth of the hole, the wall was supposed to be at least one meter thick.

James Atkins, a department head at the country’s Civil Defense Institute reported that the wall was only 40 centimeters thick.

In addition to the problems the construction company is facing, it was reported that an engineer was not supervising the construction of the building.

The company’s lawyer has admitted that only an architect was on site as it was building on Reducto Avenue in Miraflores.